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You will receive your card within 5 to 7 business days in the mail.

Activation is a security measure to prevent your card from being stolen out of the mail. Once you receive your personalized card in the mail, you will have to activate it. Activation will require you to validate information to ensure that you have received your card. The card must be activated before you are able to use it. Your card can be activated by calling 866.466.0058 (954.377.4496 outside the U.S.) or online.

You can set up direct deposit by logging on to your account online or by visiting your financial institution. When logging into your account online go to the Account Activities drop-down menu, select Direct Deposit Information. Follow the link to the enrollment form. Print and provide the form that is displayed to your employer, who will then setup the direct deposit.

This means that your card can only be used at merchant locations that use electronic terminals to process your transaction. Your card cannot be used with retailers that need to make an impression of your card.

Yes, your card has an expiration date that is printed on the front of the card. Your card will no longer work after the last day of the expiration month. If your card account is active as of the 1st of the reissue month, a new card will automatically be sent to you at the address on the system. If you do not receive a new card by the end of the expiration month, please call customer service at 866.466.0058 (954.377.4496 outside the U.S.). Be advised that cards can only be shipped to a physical address in the United States.

You can track transactions online.

Please visit a representative at your financial institution, refer to the Terms and Conditions for information on initiating a billing inquiry.

If your card has a zero balance and has not been used (transactions or value load) in the past 90 days, the card will be closed.

You can make purchases using your card until the expiration date shown on the card, or until the value of the card has been depleted. Once the balance on your card has been depleted, you can add more money to your card at your financial institution, through the direct deposit of your salary, online, or at any ReadyLink merchant. If you have a zero balance on the card for 90 days, it will be suspended and closed.

No the primary cardholder does not need to have a Social Security Number, however, they do need to have a government issued identification number such as a driver’s license number, ITIN, passport or matricula consular number.

No, interest will not be applied to your card balance.

No, you do not have to become a member or customer of a financial institution to purchase a card.

If your card is lost or stolen, please call our customer service line immediately at 866.466.0058 (954.377.4496 outside the U.S.) to report the incident. A replacement card will be sent to you and the remaining balance on your lost or stolen card will be transferred to the new card. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for possible fees.

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