Fee Schedule


Account Maintenance: A monthly maintenance fee of $5.95 kicks in after activation.

Loading Money and Making Transfers

Loading Cash & ACH Transfers: FREE

There is no fee for loading your Coopera Card. You can load it at either the financial institution where you obtained your card, through direct deposit of your wages, online or at a Visa ReadyLink1 merchant.

Account To Account Transfer: FREE

No cost to transfer money from your Coopera Prepaid Reloadable Visa Card to another Coopera Prepaid Reloadable Visa Card.


ATM Withdrawal U.S.2: $1.00 per transaction

One FREE U.S. ATM withdrawal per calendar month.

ATM Balance Inquiry in U.S.2: $1.00 per transaction

ATM Decline in U.S.2: $1.50 per transaction

Assessed if decline reason is "insufficient funds" and/or "expired card".

International Activity

ATM Withdrawal International2: $2.00 per transaction

ATM Balance Inquiry International2: $1.00 per transaction

ATM Decline International2: $5.00 per transaction

Assessed if decline reason is "insufficient funds" and/or "expired card".

Currency Exchange Processing Fee3: 1% of the transaction amount

Additional Cards

Lost/Stolen Card Replacement: $15.00 per Replacement

Secondary Card: $10.00 per card

Two cards can access the same account by adding a secondary card.

Rush Card Processing Fee: $25.00 per incident

Customer Service

Phone Inquiry - Operator Assisted: $1.50 per inquiry

Phone Inquiry - Automated: FREE

Online Activity

All online transactions (excluding PIN changes and unloads) are FREE online.

Additional Charges

Cash Advance: $2.00 per transaction

Receive cash through any financial institution.

Unload Value: $10.00 per transaction

Unloading money from your card online.

Paper Statement: $1.00 per statement

PIN Change: $0.25 per change

1 The merchant may charge an additional fee for this service. Any fee charged by the merchant on a ReadyLink load is an independent fee assessed by the merchant only.

Some financial institutions or ATM operators my assess a surcharge when using their ATMs for any purpose.

Fee charged when transaction is made outside of the U.S.

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